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Enterprise is introduced
Anshun velocity is a mainly engaged in domestic main road transportation and supply chain related business service-oriented enterprises。Anshun velocity since its establishment,Always to be“The development of the industry pioneer”,And integration of domestic main road resources to build national logistics new brand,To guide Chinese logistics industry standards The objective of the struggle。Anshun ran through many years exploration precipitation,QuJingYongHong、Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses,Summarizes the past the pros and cons of private logistics enterprises,To the concept and development of new ideas,Adhering to the“Aim high、A high starting point、High standards”The principle,Based on the north China,Spent heavily to build the national brand development of logistics。The main products are:Period of service,Economic transportation services:The other to provide customers the cod,Valuable goods transportation、 VIP Customer service、Sign to return、Reverse logistics、The exhibition logistics、Different storage and sorting packaging and distribution and other value-added services。

Anshun top speed“The good faith、Responsibility、Efficient、Dedication”For the enterprise spirit,Customer value oriented,On the basis of customer satisfaction,Continuous optimization365×24The hours of service system,To provide customers with customized personalized solutions,The optimizing service process,To the whole、All employees、Good service every customer, with all my heart!

As the first China's economic development and rising domestic strong development of the logistics industry,Enterprise development opportunities and challenges in the future,Anshun velocity will inherit“Hand in hand,To create wealth”The aim of the,Using the advanced logistics network management rules,Efficient network routing planning,The high quality customer service,Application of advanced information technology,Pay close attention to the needs of customers,Aims to be the most efficient in China、The safest main logistics operators。Has been openedBeijing to wuxi、Shanghai、Nanjing、Suzhou、Hangzhou、Hohhot、Baotou、Chongqing、Chengdu、Hefei、Zhangjiakou、In urumqiSuch as multiple card class express line。Storage area1Thousands of square meters,By the end of the year is expected to express line added to the card class30Multiple cities。

I have been to customer satisfaction as the company unremitting pursuit,On the basis of improve the quality of service to achieve a win-win situation with customers。To do this,We do our best,Create resplendence hand in hand with the customers。
The enterprise culture
Enterprises to pursue
Brand communication language Credible messenger to man
Companies use hand in hand,To create wealth
Corporate vision Committed to become China's logistics brand of excellence
Short-term goals By the good faith、Security for power,Make the company become a unique professional edge、Domestic first-class comprehensive logistics suppliers and service providers
Medium-term target Company specializing in the field and the advantage will be further expanded,To ensure the operation of the network、Service system、Service quality and stability in the domestic leading level
The long-term goal To fully expand the global market and comprehensive service ability,Into a global integrated logistics service provider
The purpose of the enterprise
Honestly The letter : Take honestly as section,Credit is conserved。
The good faith is the soul of anshun ran at people,Common code of conduct also anshun shortdial man;Anshun shortdial people see the good faith for life,Deliver customer value。
Gen The new :Explore the needs of customers,Continuous improvement to the market。
Innovation is the foundation of anshun ran successfully。Around the needs of customers,Through all kinds of high-end management software,Continuously introduce new service products,Network optimization continuously,To ensure that every vote express limitation and security。
Group Company : In the same boat,Support each other,Common development。
We are constantly introducing and cultivating talents on various aspects,Create first-class management team,Concentrate the power of team,Rising anshun shortdial brand core competitiveness。
Bearing Bear :Have the courage to shoulder more of the enterprise and social responsibility。
Love is mutual,Return is a two-way street!Anshun velocity in create and deliver value for the customer at the same time,Aspire to make one million people achieve the dream career and wealth,Let more people share the development result of anshun top speed。At the same time actively give back to society,The benefit of society,Take more social responsibilities,For the construction of a harmonious society and promoting the national economic and social development to make greater contribution!
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