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        Hunan DE gen into enterprise management co., LTD is located in the provincial capital changsha,As adjacent to the provincial and district government, Is a use of effective resources and good social relations,Industrial and commercial registration agents for the enterprise、Homeland、Buildings and other kinds of qualifications,And provide the registration of all kinds of personnel agency service integrated service-oriented enterprises。Our service purpose is——Simplified conditions、Shorten the time、Cost savings,Serve customers with considerate and worry。
        The main agent qualification of surveying and mapping to deal with、Mining(Agent)Mining right to continue with change to register;Engineering consultancy credentials;Engineering design qualification、General contracting and specialized contracting construction qualification;At the same time for the units and individuals to provide various types of registration certificate、Certificate of title certificate and other related agent services。

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Hunan DE gen into enterprise management co., LTD
Mission——Both power of righteousness and enterprise development
Positioning——To provide the service of one-stop consultation for enterprise management
Values——Filial piety parents、The customer is supreme、Words and deeds、The pursuit of excellence、A disadvantage is a blessing、Unity friendliness
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