Professional maintenance air conditioning

Professional in ShanghaiAir-conditioning maintenance

Provide professional gree、Beautiful、Mitsubishi、Sharp、Daikin、Haier、Panasonic、LG、Hitachi、Chigo、Leading brands such as chunlan air-conditioning maintenance services。Air conditioning does not start、No refrigeration、No heating、The noise is big、A compressor、The motor、The main board、Leaking and breakdown maintenance。

Professional maintenance of air conditioning
Shanghai air conditioning moving services

Shanghai air conditioning switchingService

Air conditioning switching is a professional technical type of work,The seemingly simple air conditioning moving work,In the hands of different air conditioning moving personnel have different results。When air conditioning moving so try to choose the professional air conditioning moving company or manufacturer,Otherwise spend more money,Also will bring air conditioning。

Shanghai air conditioning ZhuangYiJi
Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance and fluorine

Air conditioning cleaning and maintenanceAdd fluoride

On a regular basis for deep cleaning air conditioning internal and external,All kinds of dirt can purify air conditioning parts、Bacteria and viruses,Effective in stopping the spread of all kinds of bacteria and viruses,Prevent all kinds of diseases;At the same time improve the work efficiency of air conditioning,Reduce energy consumption。Prolong service life。

Air conditioning cleaning and maintenance and fluorine
Regulate second-hand air conditioning

Second-hand air conditioning Recycling

The company a large number of recycling air conditioning for a long time,The central air conditioning:Recycling all kinds of second-hand central air conditioning,Waste air conditioning,Commercial central air conditioning,Household central air conditioning、Cabinet air conditioning、Air suction a top、The hanging wall air conditioning recycling service, etc。The recycling price is higher than the market price5%-10%,Kid sou have no deceit!

Recycling second-hand air conditioning

The courtShanghai air conditioning maintenance

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We in view of the beautiful、Haier、Gree、Chunlan、Hisense、Daikin、TCL、Chigo、Aucma、Newly crowned、The orcs、Fujitsu、Hisense、Sanyo、LG、Hitachi、Mitsubishi、Samsung、Changhong、Chunlan、Leading brands such as panasonic air conditioning maintenance services。
Sincerely for each family in Shanghai、The unit、The company、The school、The kindergarten、The hotel service,Holiday service as usual,Wish all my customersSpend the hot summer cool and refreshing,Warm through the cold winter

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