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Mission to create the futureA Clear Vision of Tomorrow
Fuyao new horizon,Car a new lifeNew Vision , New Life
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Car a new lifeThrough a piece of glass,Get a fun driving experience

Foresee a drone,FromTAStartAutomotive glass andADASSystem

The SLR filter“Ann”On the windowFuyao“UV+IR-CUT”Auto glass,Allows the rider to enjoy the driving vision photography level

Traffic tools“The green revolution”Fuyao coated glass to help you cope with the high temperature problem

Intelligent manufacturingFrom end to end,In order to“Knowledge”To win the future

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  • Pan Asia-Fuyao go hand in hand,To explore the future intelligent driving the new space2019-05-29
    “We not onlyIs the industrial chainThe upstream and downstream,AlsoIs a community of life,Hand in hand to move forward”
  • 【Shanghai securities news】Focus on the automobile glass,Open intelligent new journey2019-04-19
    Contributing to the world has a soulIn the glass
  • China's ambassador to New York consul general huang ping:I'm very glad to see fuyao in the United States of development,Unbelievable!2019-04-10
    Huang ping ambassador thumb up:Fuyao in the United StatesOperating fully shows the mutually beneficial trade and economic cooperation of China and the United States not only benefits the two countries,And benefit the world。
  • A picture is read fuyao glass2018久久se视频这里有精品21久久se视频这里有精品21To quote2019-03-16
    Revenue breakthrough200Hundred million,Net profit improvement30%